Holographic Labels featuring HoloFX
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Sparkle, Shine & Shimmy with HoloFX Labels

Retail is a competitive market that requires packaging and labels that stand out. Razzle and dazzle consumers with a label that sparkles, shines, and shimmies.

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Knowledge Hub > Advanced Label Questions

How Can I Print Using Variable Data?

Variable data will help you deliver personalized and unique labels. Learn more about how to leverage this technology.

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PS labels
Knowledge Hub > Advanced Label Questions

Questions A Label Converter Should Ask You

Labels should be custom to you. Is your label converter asking you the right questions?

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custom labels on bottles
Knowledge Hub > Advanced Label Questions

Using Label Embellishments to Increase Sales and Consumer Engagement

Learn how leveraging multiple human senses in your package design can drive sales.

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Chicken and beef in linerless label trays
Knowledge Hub > Advanced Label Questions

Benefits of Skin Pack Linerless Labels

Learn the Key Benefits to Linerless Labels and how this revolutionary label is the ideal solution for labeling rigid trays in the meat, poultry and seafood industries.

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Sustainable Sticker Sheet

Sticker Sheets in Direct Mail

Other than just the ease of distribution there are plenty of reasons why a sticker sheet can be the next awesome thing for your direct mail campaign.

piggyback labels

Piggyback Labels in Direct Mail Marketing

Custom piggyback label printing isn’t easy. It is important to go with a label printer with the experience and knowledge required to get the job done properly.

Direct Mail Label Rolls

Alternative Ideas For Direct Mail Shortage

It’s no secret to anyone that address form labels bell cow of direct mail marketing. We may now be looking towards a life without them. So, what should we do?

Holo FX Labels

Direct Mail & HoloFX: A Single 5,000 Foot Roll Can Be Used 20 Times

Learn how HoloFX label technology can bring you a return on investment for your direct mail campaign through its cost effective implementation.

Holographic Labels featuring HoloFX

Sparkle, Shine & Shimmy with HoloFX Labels

Retail is a competitive market that requires packaging and labels that stand out. Razzle and dazzle consumers with a label that sparkles, shines, and shimmies.

Direct Mail Cold Foil Labels

How Cold Foil Can Change A Direct Mail Campaign

Cold foil is a cost-effective printing process in which a foil is applied to a substrate prior to the printing inks being applied.


What Is MICR Ink?

MICR ink is a typer of ink printed on a special MICR toner. It stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is typically applied on bank checks.

Money stacked up

Tips on Maximizing Your Label Spend

As of October 2021, global supply chains are still in dire straits. Most people reading this probably already know this. So, what can businesses do to help themselves in the short term? One of those things might be revisiting their label strategy to see if they can more efficiently maximize their label spend when ordering […]

Variable Printing Barcode

What Is Consecutive Number Printing and Why Is It Important?

Consecutive number label printing is a nuanced part of product labelling that the regular consumer may never come to notice in most circumstances, however it can still be an invaluable aspect of label printing especially for the product company itself. For the most, they are straight forward, but they also carry some great benefits that we feel are worth sharing.  At face value, consecutive number labels are what you think they […]

How can labels help achieve my direct mail goals?

In a world where everyone is bombarded with email and webinar fatigue is real, direct mail can create a personalized experience that can drive success.

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PS Label Basics

Are you new to label printing jargon and flexographic printing? Learn more about the most common label questions we are asked, including what is a label wind direction and how is a ps label made?

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Graphics Corner

Are you a label designer with questions about how to submit your label artwork in the correct format? Improperly submitted artwork is the biggest challenge we face and we spend hundreds of hours each week correcting files so they are ready for print. Learn how to correct these issues before they reach our graphics team.

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Sustainable Labels

Sustainability Through Labels

We are dedicated to helping our customers understand the impact packaging and labels have on the environment. We understand that every business has different demands and we are here to provide insight and guidance to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

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