Piggyback Labels in Direct Mail Marketing

piggyback labels

What is a Piggyback Label?

A piggyback label is a label that is built from two labels. One label sits on top of another label, this is why it is called a “piggyback” label. Piggyback labels allow two individual labels to be applied at the same time. Piggyback labels have 5 layers; a face material, an adhesive layer, a release liner, another adhesive layer, and backing paper. The bottom adhesive layer is usually always permanent whereas the top label can be either permanent or dry peel adhesive depending on it will be reapplied somewhere or not. The bottom label is applied to the surface of something, whether it be an envelope or container, and then the top label can be peeled from that.

Can This Be Used in Direct Mail?

With enough imagination we think any label solution can be used for direct mail, but piggyback labels may sit at the top of the heap. For example, the top label on a piggyback label could be a return address label that users can strip off to use to send something back to the sender. Additionally, when the top label is stripped off for this purpose it could also reveal something underneath of it that was printed on the bottom layer. There are a lot of unique ways the mechanisms of a piggyback label can be used to pass on valuable information.

With a piggyback label you are reaching your customers in a more personal way. Customers are physically interacting with your campaign when they peel back the piggyback label. This is inherently more interactive and memorable than an email blast or even address form labels people have grown accustomed to. Add in an incentive for peeling back the label such as a coupon, discount code, or other prize and you are creating even more connection with your audience.

It could be a prize, a gift, a code, a contest, an event, a raffle, a donation request, a sale, or telling someone about your brand story. It could be anything. Whatever it is, a piggyback label creates a physical experience around that thing that will make it more memorable to the consumer.

piggyback labels

Types of Piggyback Labels


Nested Piggyback Label

A nested piggyback label is when the top label is smaller and the bottom label. This is usually the more common and straight forward type of piggyback label as the top label is easily identifiable as the label that has relevant info and should be peeled. They are also easy to peel.

Flush Cut Labels

Flush cut labels are piggyback labels where the top and bottom labels are the same size. This allows for more information to be stored on the top layer that may be relevant to the consumer. The drawback is that peeling the label may be a bit more difficult than with a nested piggyback as the labels are the same size and will be trickier to separate. You can also have flush cut labels printed with a tab that solves this removal issue.

Custom Piggyback Labels

Custom piggyback label printing isn’t easy. Therefore, it is important to go with a label printer with the experience, knowledge, and equipment required to get the job done properly. Hub Labels can you help discover all the ways piggyback labels can be utilized in your next direct mail campaign.