Get Your Campaigns Rolling with Hub Labels

As we approach another busy political season this fall, it’s time to make your message stick—literally! At Hub Labels, we’ve been producing great-looking, durable bumper stickers for a very long time. Whether you’re raising awareness for a noble cause, supporting a candidate, or advertising for your organization, our bumper stickers are a proven, on-the-road canvas […]

The Engine Behind Label Lab: An Interview with Thomas Dahbura

As we prepare for the sold-out Label Lab on April 24th, focused on dielines and creative design opportunities, we sat down with our President, Thomas Dahbura, to dive into the inspiration behind these pioneering in-house events held every quarter. The Genesis of Label Lab Why did you start Label Lab? Thomas Dahbura: I recognized a […]

Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword at Hub Labels

Every year, as Earth Day rolls around, it gives us a moment to pause and think about what “sustainability” really means. For us at Hub Labels, it’s not just a trendy word we trot out once a year; it’s woven into the very fabric of our daily operations. We’re on a mission to lighten our […]

Label Rescue Squad hits Boston!🛟🦞

This year at Seafood Expo North America, Hub Labels—known for far more than innovative labeling solutions— brought to the show our “Label Rescue Squad” theme, in which our team donned bright orange lifeguard shirts representing, in good fun, ‘saving’ businesses from being ‘shackled’ to poor label quality.  🛟Label Rescue Squad’s Mission Our mission, as explained […]

Weaving a Tapestry of Community Support

At Hub Labels, we believe in the power of communities – whether they are right here at home or within the broader label industry network. For over 40 years, we have considered ourselves fortunate to be an integral part of various communities, and we are committed to giving back as a way of enriching the […]

SHOP Made in Maryland

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than sharing the LOVE by supporting local businesses right here in Maryland? From charming flowers to decadent chocolates, unique gifts, and unforgettable dining experiences, our state has everything you need to make this Valentine’s Day special. Here’s your guide to finding the […]

Hub Labels Wrapped: Materials Matter

Get Sticky with It! In 2023, we at Hub Labels have outdone ourselves, running our presses for an incredible 110,464,875 feet 🤯, showing off a world of materials. When it comes to crafting those personalized pressure-sensitive labels – the kind that make your product pop – we’ve got it all. From shiny metallics and crystal-clear […]

I Got 99 Problems, But Gunk Ain’t One

I got 99 problems, but gunk ain’t’ one…..HIT ME! Ok now that I got that off my chest, let’s get down to it. In today’s competitive landscape, efficiency is key for business success, and it’s no different when it comes to labeling solutions. Introducing the ETI Coater, a state-of-the-art linerless label applicator, engineered with pioneering […]

Ditch Rigid + Get Flexible with Hub Labels

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Labels and Flexible Packaging Solutions In a world where packaging and labeling play a crucial role in branding and consumer perception, finding a reliable partner for all your labeling and flexible packaging needs is essential. At Hub Labels – we are your ultimate one-stop destination for custom + blank labels, […]

The Surge of Indie Brands: Powering Growth Through Aesthetic Packaging

The explosive growth of indie brands in recent years is nothing short of remarkable. If you’re an active social media user, you’ve likely noticed that nearly every other post or video features an influencer enthusiastically endorsing a product from these independent brands. These products span a wide range, from skincare items such as makeup, lotions, […]