Epson c7500

As an Epson ColorWorks Authorized Reseller, we are able to provide businesses an economical full-color print solution when challenged by a large number of SKUs. Epson on-demand printers allows a business to drastically reduce label inventory, as it eliminates the need for custom pre-printed labels from a traditional flexographic print shop. These high-performance printers produce labels that make a big impression, streamline your workflow and are a cost effective solution when you are faced with labeling many SKUs.

Contact Us for any of your Epson needs, from new printers to ink replacements and blank labels. We have a large, in-stock inventory ready to ship. For a complete turn-key solution, schedule recurring automatic delivery of the consumables you need to keep your on-demand label printing at full-speed. When the need arises, Hub Labels is here to provide you with the highest-quality, 7-color extended gamet labels with embellishments and unique finishes when you need a label that pops off the shelves.

Epson Label Printer Benefits

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Cost Effective
Epson C7500 label printer


  • Full-color, heavy production label printer
  • Print speeds up to 11.8″ per sec
  • 1200×600 dpi, high image quality
  • BS 5609 certified
  • 4″ media width
  • C700GE includes Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition software for powerful color management

Epson Inkjet C3500 Label Printer


  • Fast, on-demand label printer
  • 720 x 360 dpi image
  • Print speeds up to 4″ per second (360 x 360 dpi, 2.2″ Wide Mode)
  • 4-color, CMYK
  • BS 5609 certified
  • Internal roll or external rear feed
  • 4.25″ media width

Epson C831 label printer


  • Rugged, wide-label printer
  • Print speeds up to 13.6 pages per minute (360 x 360 dpi, 8″ Wide Mode)
  • 720 x 360 dpi image
  • BS 5609 certified
  • 25″ print / 9.5″ media width

Epson Inkjet Consumables and Blank Labels

Epson Colorworks Ink packages

Hub Labels is here to help with all your Epson ink and label needs

We offer inkjet printing label solutions to give you the ability to print highly customizable labels on standard inkjet office printers. We can create pre-die cut labels in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and finishes for any variety of needs you have. In addition, we have materials for label production that comply with BS 5609 certification requirements.

Hub Labels Offers:

  • High gloss inkjet roll labels
  • Matte inkjet roll labels
  • Paper inkjet roll labels
  • Synthetic inkjet roll labels
  • GHS chemical inkjet roll labels

We send you the pre-cut sheet labels in large rolls or we even have the capability to fan fold the labels. All you have to do is take the rolls out and run them through your printer. After printing, simple peel the labels off and place them just like you would any other label or sticker. We also provide cut-to-width blank label selections.

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