What Is Consecutive Number Printing and Why Is It Important?

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Consecutive number label printing is a nuanced part of product labelling that the regular consumer may never come to notice in most circumstances, however it can still be an invaluable aspect of label printing especially for the product company itself. For the most, they are straight forward, but they also carry some great benefits that we feel are worth sharing. 

At face value, consecutive number labels are what you think they are, they are labels that have a sequence of numbers that increases with each new label printed. Each label will be the same other than each one having their own unique number. Serial codes for identifying individual products are a perfect example of a consecutive number use case. This type of labelling allows companies to easily gather different analytics on their products, determining things such as how many have been sold or how many were made for example. 

Consecutive number labels are printed on digital presses which have the capabilities of printing much quicker runs of labels due to the elimination of certain steps in traditional printing techniques. Digital printing presses are very versatile. Ipso facto, consecutive number labels are also incredibly versatile and this shouldn’t be overlooked!  

A consecutive number label sequence can be any sequence of numbers you want. You can customize your labels in any way you like, whether it be shape, size, or material and your consecutive numbers can fit whatever it is you want. 

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How Can This Help Your Business?

The big help is with UPC barcodes. Consecutive number printing enables you to print any amount of unique UPC barcodes for any type of use case. UPC barcodes can be used for keeping track of inventory, global supply chain tracking, or any other internal uses whether its shipping, pricing, or point-of-sale. UPC Barcodes have size, color and resolution standards that need to be adhered to, but you may need to use different number sequences based on the usage of each barcode. Consecutive number printing makes this easy. 

Consecutive number labels can be used for a lot of other things as well though. It’s really however far your imagination can take it. For example, you could use consecutive number labels to create exclusivity for a product. A short product run where the products are individually labelled with the number in which they were produced displaying how limited they are could create more demand for the product and excitement around your brand. 

Combine this idea with digital printing technology’s capability of creating high quality custom labels with intricate designs you can create a product that pops off the shelve and feels unique to your customer. 

If you’d like to learn more about consecutive number labelling and how it can help your business specifically, reach out to us and we can help you right away!