skin pack tray labels

Eco-Friendly Label Ideal for Clamshell and Skin-Pack Trays

Linerless labels provide all the benefits of self-adhesive labeling with improved efficiencies, volume applications and environmental advantages through their non-utilization of label liners.

Available in silicone coated paper, board or synthetic materials, standard Linerless labels deliver a semi-adhesive label format which partially adheres to a pack through a series of strategically placed glue strips. Label faces are supplied without liners which greatly reduces the reel weight by up to 40%, meaning less waste, storage and reel changeovers.

Linerless labels work well with skin pack trays where placing a traditional label can be a challenge. We have worked with many businesses to integrate linerless labels as a sustainable solution to branding their product on store shelves. Linerless labels have proven to be an ideal solution to the meat, poultry, and seafood packaging. In recent years, as consumer demand for environmental friendly and minimal packaging has grown, we have seen a rise of linerless labels use in other industries including produce, deli & bakery goods and pre-packaged foods. The possibilities are revolutionary.

Linerless Label Products

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Meal Kits
Snack Foods

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