Label Materials

At Hub Labels, our huge offerings of label face stocks means you’ll have lots of options to create a unique and custom pressure sensitive label, commonly referred to as a PS Label or Prime Label. From standard clear label films and white BOPP, to estate stocks and wood-grained labels, you’ll be able to find a material that works with your budget and your sustainability goals.

All labels #madeinmaryland at Hub Labels are custom-made for your specific product because we know a one-size fits all approach to labels rarely works. We’ll ask questions to learn your label requirements and demands for the product lifecycle. Our team of experts is ready to help if problems do arise, we will help you solve your application situation.

No matter your label demands, we have a solution! Pressure-sensitive labels are a great solution to brand your product as they provide high-quality resolution and brilliant color with plenty of embellishments to pop your package off the shelves to catch the eye of the consumer. Contact Hub Labels to print your product prime labels.

Label Material Types

Prime Papers
Prime Films
Polyester Film
Wine Stocks

Label Finishes

Once you’ve chosen a face stock and adhesive for your custom label it’s time to think about adding a finish to your label. Label finishes can transform a label’s look and take a product to the next level. We offer laminations with textured properties such as leather or soft rose-petal. Research has found that the more senses you activate when a consumer is shopping, the more likely they will buy that product. Luxury label laminations are typically seen on specialty products that demand a higher price.

Our laminations and varnishes are not just for looks though. This protective coating can actually protect inks from fading due to UV exposure or prevent colors from running due to water exposure. We offer both glossy and matte finishes that will offer you a polished, professional look with superior protection.

Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination
Luxe Lamination


Common components of a label include a face stock, adhesive, ink and a lamination. As an add-on value, embellishments are a part of the label design to bring a high-end look to drive sales. Hub Labels embellishments include cold foil, hot stamp foil, embossing, and Holo FX holographic effects.

Cold foil, is a layer of silver or gold foil that provides shimmer to the label design. Inks can be printed over cold foil to create custom cold foil colors. Hot stamp foil come in a rainbow of colors and produced with metal dies to give a luxury look with fine details.

Embossing uses pressure to press a design into the printed label resulting in a raised effect to create a high-end look.  This embellishment is typical found in the distillery, wine, and health+beauty markets and adds dimension to an otherwise one-dimensional label.

HoloFX creates a holographic label finish that stands out as it reflects light to capture a person’s eye.  This affordable and effective finish uses diffractive light to stand out, create product differentiation, and increase a product’s visual appeal.

We do offer specialty inks that are scented, fluorescent, metallic or invisible and can only be seen under black lights. With the label embellishments we are able to manufacturer, you can transfer your label from a one-dimensional label to something that thrills and delights leaving a consumer with a package they never want to throw away.

Cold Foil
Holo FX
Hot Stamp Foil

Finishing Options

When ordering labels, it’s important to keep in mind how you will be applying the label to your product. We offer you several different options for how you receive the final product. The most common way to receive labels is in roll form which works with a broad range of label sizes, shapes and printing techniques making it an ideal labeling solution for many projects or as sheeted labels that make a great promotional handout, publication insert or sticker sheet. Not only do we offer labels on a roll in a variety of wind directions, Hub Labels offers continuous forms, fan-folded, sheeted labels and much more.

Interested in continuous forms for direct mail? Our continuous strip of forms can be separated by perforations and/or perforated folds. Fanfold labels fold accordion style into individual stacks and are designed to stack easier and take less storage space than rolled labels. Seriously, we are here to help make your life easier!

Finished Label Formats

Continuous Forms
Fan Folded
Roll Labels

Specialty Labels

We produce more than just labels for food and other household products. If you need something to stick and its 21 inches or smaller, we will find a label solution to work for your unique scenario.

From durable labels that need to withstand the harshest elements, to labels that prevent counterfeiting with advanced security features, we can help. We have worked with thermoform facilities for specialty projects including face mask stickers donated to essential workers.

We also manufacturer linerless labels, ideal for skin pack trays. This revolutionary label has zero liner waste and can improve production efficiencies. As more retailers moves towards meeting sustainability goals, many food producers are examining their production lines for solutions that will help them meet retailers demands to be more sustainable.

Have a special label project?

Call Hub Labels and we can help you find the right solutions!