The Engine Behind Label Lab: An Interview with Thomas Dahbura

As we prepare for the sold-out Label Lab on April 24th, focused on dielines and creative design opportunities, we sat down with our President, Thomas Dahbura, to dive into the inspiration behind these pioneering in-house events held every quarter.

The Genesis of Label Lab

Why did you start Label Lab?

Thomas Dahbura: I recognized a need to educate designers and end-users about the vast possibilities beyond the standard white, clear, or silver substrates. Material suppliers offer many exciting options that are often overlooked. Label Lab emerged as an opportunity to showcase what can be achieved on various packaging types, like bottles and cans, using these innovative materials.

Expanding Printing Capabilities

What’s special about this upcoming Label Lab?

TD: This next one will be an exploration of design and technology. Attendees should look forward to insights from Seth from Tribe, whose keen eye for quality and simple yet challenging designs have pushed us to improve. His design philosophy offers a great learning opportunity for other designers. This session will particularly highlight innovative uses of dies, with our die supplier on hand to demonstrate the creative potential of these essential but often overlooked tools.

Challenges in Organizing Label Lab

What are some challenges you face in organizing Label Lab?

TD: A major challenge is convincing people that we are not selling anything; we’re here to enhance the capabilities of great designers. It’s crucial for us to be involved early in the design process to ensure a consistent and high-quality final product. This is what Label Lab is all about: showcasing the capabilities of print technology and fostering better collaboration from the start.

Importance of an Intimate Setting

Why is the event limited to just 15 people?

TD: We keep the event small to foster an informal, exploratory atmosphere. Smaller groups enhance interaction and allow for more in-depth discussion, which is essential for effective learning and networking. This setting also enables us to host more sessions while maintaining quality engagement.

Future Visions for Label Lab

What are your plans for Label Lab in the future?

TD: I’m open to suggestions that could enrich the Label Lab experience. One exciting idea is to conduct live design sessions during the events, allowing attendees to create designs on the spot and then immediately see them printed. This would vividly demonstrate the practical impact of integrating design with print technology in real-time.

Join Us for Future Innovations

Stay connected with us for more on the Label Lab series as we continue to push the boundaries of label design and production. We’re not just creating labels; we’re setting new standards for the packaging industry. Join us to transform your design ideas into reality and elevate your design capabilities.