Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword at Hub Labels

Every year, as Earth Day rolls around, it gives us a moment to pause and think about what “sustainability” really means. For us at Hub Labels, it’s not just a trendy word we trot out once a year; it’s woven into the very fabric of our daily operations. We’re on a mission to lighten our footprint on this beautiful planet, and it’s a journey filled with small, meaningful steps that add up.

Eco-Friendly Innovations: Hub Labels’ Shift from Bubble Wrap

Take, for example, our shift away from bubble wrap. By turning waste cardboard into packing material, we’ve waved goodbye to 91,200 feet of plastic wrap every year. It’s our way of saying no to single-use plastics and yes to protecting our earth’s resources.

Advancing Green Printing: Our Sustainable Operations and Partnerships

As a company, we are committed to promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to our printing operations. Our linerless labels, for instance, are a game-changer. They cut down on waste and make our operations smoother and greener. This approach that we take is reflected in our membership with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership and the RAFcycle liner recycling program offered by UPM Raflatac. We also strive to engage with our community through environmental stewardship initiatives, and are proud to be members of Random Acts of Green and The Maryland Green Registry.

Recognition for Sustainability: Hub Labels as a Model for Health and Ecology

On another side of the sustainability spectrum, our comprehensive efforts have garnered significant recognition. Hub Labels is proud to be honored as one of Maryland’s healthiest businesses, a distinction that highlights not only our eco-friendly manufacturing processes but also our dedication to the well-being of our employees. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to a healthier workplace.

Embracing Sustainable Transportation: The Chevy Bolt Initiative

And let’s not forget our Chevy Bolt. This little EV powerhouse is our statement on the road, proving that sustainable transport is not just possible but practical for our daily needs.

Earth Day and Beyond: Embodying Environmental Responsibility Year-Round

As Earth Day approaches later this month, let’s not forget: sustainability is more than a day’s celebration; it’s a lifelong commitment. At Hub Labels, every day is an opportunity to contribute to a healthier planet. Our actions, from innovative packaging to advocating for greener practices, are steps toward a sustainable future for all. Here’s to making every day Earth Day.