Hub Labels Wrapped: Materials Matter

Get Sticky with It!

In 2023, we at Hub Labels have outdone ourselves, running our presses for an incredible 110,464,875 feet 🤯, showing off a world of materials.

When it comes to crafting those personalized pressure-sensitive labels – the kind that make your product pop – we’ve got it all. From shiny metallics and crystal-clear options to our resilient white BOPP, estate stocks, and even those eye-catching holographic labels, we’ve got your needs, budget, and sustainability goals covered.

We take pride in being #madeinmaryland, where each label is more than just a sticker; it’s a custom piece of your product’s story. Our team is all about collaboration, working with you to understand and meet your label needs at every stage of your product’s life. And when those tricky challenges pop up, we’re right there with solutions.

At Hub Labels, we know labels aren’t just about sticking; they’re about standing out. That’s why our pressure-sensitive labels are all about high-resolution, vibrant colors, and those little touches that make your product shine on the shelf.


Exploring Label Face Stock Options

Paper labels are the go-to for prime label applications. Crafted from wood or pulp, they’re not just about looks; they’re about being kind to our planet. For an even greener option, check out our thinner face stocks measured in “mil.”

For labels that need to tough it out, our film labels are the champs. Made from materials like BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene), they’re the heroes of resilience and moisture resistance, perfect for products in food, health, beauty, and beverages. Fun fact: our white BOPP is a customer favorite here at Hub.

Looking for something a bit more unique? Dive into our world of specialty materials. We’re talking metallized labels, foil labels, tag labels, static cling labels, holographic labels, and even RFID labels. The sky’s the limit!

So, why not join us in this exciting world of label customization at Hub Labels? It’s where innovation and quality come together to ensure your product is not just seen, but remembered. Let’s make your labels more than just labels – let’s make them a statement.