Understanding Inks & Finishes


UV Screen-Printing Inks


Ink that is best for paint reproduction

Label Gloss

Ink that adheres to most types of labels for various products.

Rotoprint Roto-gloss

This ink is designed for labels that are running on rotary presses.

Special Effect Inks

Fluorescent Effects

UV fluorescent ink is made from a powder that will react with certain substances under the right conditions to radiate the effect.

Glitter Inks

Inks that contain glitter particles. Light reflects off of platelets located throughout the ink to give off the effect.

Pearlescent Effects

Similar to the glitter effect, pearlescent effects are achieved by pearlescent particles throughout the ink reflecting light off of different surfaces of the platelets.

Phosphorescent Effects

This effect is created from a phosphoric powder that will store light energy and re-emit it over a period of time.

Slate Effect Ink

These inks are for the printing of slates and scrapers. They are textured with a resistance to scratch.

Thermochromic Effects

These inks change color based on what temperature they experience.

UV Chrome

UV screen ink that creates a reflective metallic surface to emulate chromium.

Embellishments & Finishes 

Label embellishments and finishes aren’t just for looks; they also play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the label. Different labels face different sorts of conditions based on what products they are applied on. For example, a label applied to an ice cream container in a freezer is going to undergo different stresses than a label on a peanut butter jar sitting on a shelve.

There are three main finishes to choose from and they are lamination, varnish, or UV coating. With each of these there is typically an option to add a gloss or matte finish as well.


Lamination involves taking a film material and applying it over the label to provide extra protection. This is best used for labels that will face moisture or exposure to light.


A varnish is a clear liquid coating that can be applied to an entire label or just parts of a label to create a unique visual presentation. They are cheaper than laminates but do not last as long.

UV Coatings

UV Coatings is varnish that is cured by UV light during the printing process. UV coatings are a higher cost than