The Chroma Factor: Label in Very Peri

The Chroma Factor: Labels in Very Peri

Hub Labels is pleased to announce the monthly series, “The Chroma Factor”. The series will feature a new color each month to inspire your next label design. In addition, The Chroma factor members will receive color swatches, label samples, and tips on designing with the featured color. Want to learn more about The Chroma Factor […]

linerless label

Ensure your labels are not limiting packaging recyclability

Learn how labels can prevent a product package from being recycled and what you can do about it.

How to Package Label Artwork

Step by step guide on how to package your artwork to avoid any missing font or image issues.

How Can I Print Using Variable Data?

Variable data will help you deliver personalized and unique labels. Learn more about how to leverage this technology.

How to add a cold foil layer to artwork?

Cold foil is a cost-effective alternative to embossing. Follow our step by step guide to adding a cold foil layer to your artwork.

How do I add bleeds and safe zones to my artwork?

By setting up your artwork with bleeds and safe zones, the final printed label will not print unexpected results and will print to the edge of the label.

How Do I Make Sure My Artwork File Is In The Correct Color Model?

Artwork files should be in the CMYK color model for printing labels. Learn how to verify your artwork color model.

linerless labels

How to Recycle Label Release Liner

Learn your options on what to do with all your waste release liner and avoid landfills

Explained: CMYK vs RGB Color Models

Learn the difference between CMYK, RGB, and PMS and why it matters to your label printer.

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What is Rewind Direction and Why is it Important?

When you need labels on a roll so a label applicator can apply your product labels, you will need to know the wind direction required so the labels can properly dispense from the roll during application.