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Hagerstown, MD | April 23, 2019

Hub Labels introduces the Label Guru in a fun video to promote Linerless Labels for skin pack trays.

So, what are linerless labels? These innovative labels are designed for high volume manufacturing and processing food lines. This includes the meat, poultry and seafood industries which utilize skin pack trays packaging. In addition, secondary markets include fresh produce, convenience and desserts.

Linerless labels are the perfect solution for any packaging without a flat surface. Traditional pressure sensitive labels do not apply well to skin pack trays that are popular in the protein industries. However, linerless labels are the perfect fit. Linerless labels wrap around the tray and the food profile. In effect, this solves the problem on how to label a non-flat surface by conforming the label to the packaging profile. In contrast, pressure sensitive labels wrinkle and can be hard to scan for retailers.

Label Guru explains linerless Labels

Linerless labels for skin pack trays have been popular in the UK and Europe for many years. With over 12 billion+ applied annually, linerless labels and sleeves bring high-end packaging solutions with a variety of application styles.

This includes full-wrap applications and c-wrap applications, as well. A label applicator, such as the Marel M360, is required for application and can include a unit to do catch-weight printing, too. Our linerless labels work in all the major equipment providers and we will work with your team to ensure your line is setup to run at optimal capacity.
M360 Labeler


Linerless labels are available in silicone coated paper, board or synthetic material. Standard linerless labels deliver a semi-adhesive label format which adhere to a tray pack through a series of technically placed glue strips. Label material is supplied without carrier backing paper, also known as a label liner. As a result, reel weight is reduced by up to 40%! Therefore, more labels fit on a roll and fewer reel changeovers are required. Moreover, that means less downtime for production lines and an increase in productivity, too. Additionally, less reel weight equates to a reduction in freight charges. Ultimately, less room is needed for label storage, as well.

Retailers Love Linerless

Retailers love linerless labels because they deliver consistency on the shelf and look good. Moreover, the premium packaging carries a higher value for consumers. This results in more sales, more revenue and more happy customers. Also, this full-wrap label creates a 360° billboard for brands. Not only is surface print area increased, but backside printing is available. This value real estate allows for you to deliver all required FDA content to consumers, but also build your brand’s story.

Linerless Labels Skin Pack Trays

Consumers love linerless

Consumers love linerless labels and the premium packaging look. The PET tray is wrapped with a label that allows a consumer to view the contents within the tray. This creates confidence that the food is edible and looks appealing, too. In addition, many PET trays are recyclable. By investing in the latest packaging technologies such as vacuum skin packaging (vsp), food lasts longer and food waste is reduced as well.

Linerless Label Benefits Include

  • Zero backing paper waste
  • 40% less reel weight compared to self-adhesive labels
  • More labels on a reel
  • Fully automated application speeds of up to 180 packs per minute
  • Fewer reel changes, less downtime
  • Consistency of format on-shelf
  • Increased surface print area
  • Tamper evident

For more information, contact our Linerless Label team linerless@hublabels.com.

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