Label Rescue Squad hits Boston!🛟🦞

Label Rescue Squad booth set up at the Boston Seafood Trade ShowThis year at Seafood Expo North America, Hub Labels—known for far more than innovative labeling solutions— brought to the show our “Label Rescue Squad” theme, in which our team donned bright orange lifeguard shirts representing, in good fun, ‘saving’ businesses from being ‘shackled’ to poor label quality. 

🛟Label Rescue Squad’s Mission
Our mission, as explained by our Linerless Sales Executive Zac Ross, “We wanted to be able to demonstrate that quality alternatives really do exist for providers of labels. Businesses producing products and using labels need not be stuck with just one vendor. There is another option.” 

🌱Sustainability: A Trend That Can’t Be Ignored 
Sustainability was one of the major driving issues of the expo. “I had that question come up over and over again—sustainability,” remembered Zac. “There is definitely a push to be more sustainable within the label industry.” 

🤙Exhibiting for Better Connections
Hub Labels aims to demonstrate that our labels are compatible with any applicator provider, emphasizing that customers are not limited to a specific label supplier. Zac says, “In many instances, label users only learn about label providers through their equipment suppliers. By exhibiting at the trade show, we want to inform our customers and potential clients that we can meet their labeling needs, ensuring they are not constrained to using a provider solely on their equipment supplier’s recommendation.” boating key chains adorned with Hub Labels Rescue Squad logo

 ✴️The Memorable Lifeguard Message 
What is the key message from Zac? – “When customers are looking for better solutions in this, and they have the freedom to choose, we are here to offer those solutions.” Do not fret, the Label Rescue Squad lives on, steadfast in their mission to rescue businesses from drowning under the restrictions imposed by their equipment providers. We’re here to provide a lifeline—a promise of quality, sustainability, and freedom of choice in labeling solutions.