Hub Labels Receives Pacesetter Award

The Maryland Department of Health Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control recently named the 2022 Healthiest Maryland Business and Hub Labels is pleased to be part of the few receiving the Pacesetters Award. In recent years, the Healthiest Maryland Business (HMB) has awarded companies with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, and Hub Labels had previously received those designations. This is the first year, upon changing the awards, that Hub Labels has received the Pacesetter Award and are honored to have earned such award. According to Maryland Department of Health, HMB, the Pacesetter award was awarded to businesses who have established workplace wellness practices and evaluate said practices for future planning, while addressing wellness using at least three strategies (policy, programming, benefits and/or environmental support). The Maryland State Health Department began this initiative to improve the health of businesses statewide and promote the culture of wellness within a company. This initiative allows for collaboration among Maryland Businesses to reach a shared goal of improving the health of their employees through worksite wellness efforts. The Maryland Healthiest Business program aims to encourage and appreciate the importance of worksite wellness and recruit leaders who will incorporate health strategies into the workplace.

Hub Labels prides themselves on their culture of wellness they have developed throughout the years. When Hub Labels joined the Healthiest Maryland Business program, Owner/President, Thomas Dahbura set out to create a wellness program at Hub Labels. Dahbura was passionate about his vision and assigned the Human Resources department to introduce the program to the company. Soon thereafter, the Hub Labels’ Wellness Committee, managed by employees, sprang into action. The goal of this committee was to educate and excite other employees on the benefits of health and numerous wellness topics. The committee meets regularly to devise how they can improve the health of others while incorporating wellness initiatives successfully. Since joining the Healthiest Maryland Businesses program, Hub Labels has created an on-site fitness room, equipped with free weights, bicycles, an elliptical, and a newly purchased Peloton account. The Peloton account was recently included in Hub Labels fitness room when the Coronavirus swept the nation, halting the participation in group workouts. Now, employees can choose the best work out for themselves, including, but not limited to, cycling classes, strength training and yoga! Hub Labels also partnered with a local medical center to offer employees onsite blood pressure checks during the annual wellness week. During wellness week, Hub Labels incorporates healthy food samples, infused water stations, meditation, and more, for employees to participate in! Hub Labels strives to create a healthier work environment for employees because a healthy workplace is a productive workplace. 

Thomas Dahbura, President of Hub Labels, shared his thoughts regarding the benefits of participating in the Healthiest Maryland Business Program. “My philosophy has always been, if I can change one person’s life, that’s always been my goal. Even if you only have a few people participating, you are changing their lives. You can change the life of one person at a time.” The Healthiest Maryland Business Program provides Hub Labels with the baseline to improve the health of our employees. Dahbura stated that our Wellness Program has been beneficial in aiding employees with “eating and lifestyle behaviors and educating them on medical preventions.” By prioritizing employee wellness, Hub Labels proves to be reinforcing Dahbura’s philosophy around wellness. 


To learn more about the Healthiest Maryland Business program, visit their website: https://www.healthiestmdbusinesses.org/