Hub Labels Employee Spotlight – Brad Jump

Hub Labels Employee Spotlight Brad

Hub Labels is excited to share our latest Employee Spotlight featuring Bradley Jump, our Safety Coordinator. We set a few minutes aside to sit down with Brad and asked him a few questions on his experience and relationship with Hub.

How long have you been at Hub? What year did you start?

I have been at Hub since August 7th, 2017.

In order, what are all the jobs you’ve had at Hub in your time here?

I began as an Electro-Mechanical Technician, quickly added to the succession plan for Maintenance Manager, and most recently promoted to Safety Coordinator.

What are some your most memorable moments at Hub? Business and non-business related, or both. (i.e. a piece of equipment you remember being installed, a memorable community event or company social, etc etc) 

My favorite Hub Moment happened at Sheetz. I was in line when a stranger noticed my Hub Labels shirt and asked if I work for Thomas. Once I told him I do ; this guy looks me dead in the eyes and tells me Thomas is a good man and to make sure I do the best I can for him. He went on to tell me about how one of the community outreach programs had helped his family and how Hub is the best. It feels right working for a company that makes good things happen for the community.

What is your favorite part about working at Hub Labels?

My favorite part about working for Hub Labels is collaborating with smart and dedicated people on challenging projects. Here at Hub we are not just a group of folks that work together; we are a team!

What has changed about Hub since you started working here?

We strive to continuously improve our facility and processes every single day at Hub Labels. One valuable change came in the form of an awesome recycling opportunity. We found an alternate solution to plastic bubble wrap used for shipping by repurposing cardboard and shedding it to serve as a replacement. This eliminated 91,200 feet of bubble wrap annually. #SAVETHEBAY