Hub Labels Employee Spotlight – Laura Crawford

Laura Crawford Label Printer

Hub Labels is excited to share our latest Employee Spotlight featuring Laura Crawford, Customer Service Manager. We set a few minutes aside to sit down with Laura and asked her a few questions on her experience and relationship with Hub so far.

How long have you been at Hub? What year did you start?

I’ve been at Hub for 17 years. I started in 2004.

In order, what are all the jobs you’ve had at Hub in your time here?

I started in scheduling when I was a scheduling assistant, then I moved out in to customer service and was a customer account manager. Now I am the customer service manager.

What are some your most memorable moments at Hub? Business and non-business related, or both. 

I would say just some of lunches and stuff that we’ve had over the years. Many when Bud was here. Just some of the fun and jokes and laughs that we had as a group. Also when we did Linerless videos we did a couple music videos and that was fun. Just something out there and not the usual that we could do as a group.

What is your favorite part about working at Hub Labels?

We’re a family, not just like that you’re coming to work. It’s like a second family here and you build relationships with the people that you work with. I would always recommend people to work here.

What has changed about Hub since you started working here?

Definitely moving towards more technology, continuous improvement has done a lot of stuff for us throughout the years. Just working on all of that and improving in all aspects.

Have you set any wellness goals for yourself in the past or for the future or have you participated in any Hub related wellness activities?

I love to work out and I’m on the wellness team, so I encourage people to do the same. Walk at lunch when its nice out, use the gym that is here before work or after work. One of my goals would be to just stay healthy and maintain my weight. Not gain any and just stay fit.