Hub Labels Improves Label Defect Detection

Hod-Hasharon, Israel & Hagerstown, Maryland, USA

Hub Labels is expanding their use of inspection and quality control solutions from Advanced Vision Technology (AVT). Hub Labels is a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, linerless labels & direct mail premiums. Through their partnership with AVT, their fleet of flexographic presses will include 100% web inspection to identify label defects. AVT is the world leader in print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance solutions. The expansion chiefly involves AVT’s Helios, a market-leading solution for 100% inspection and quality assurance in label and narrow web flexography printing.

The announcement represents Hub Label’s trust in AVT’s inspection systems. After installing Helios on two label presses two years ago, Hub Labels saw label defects decrease. They also saw an increase in press efficiencies. This led to the recent decision to add Helios to three existing presses, and on two additional new presses that will be installed later this year.

As a result, Hub Labels’ confidence has increased to quickly identify and flag label defects. “AVT’s inspection and quality control solutions increase our capabilities through the multi-tiered stopgaps that any out-of-spec labels are recognized for potential rejection,” states Thomas Dahbura, President of Hub Labels. “Helios and its supplemental solutions have given us valuable insight into our printing press operations. As a result, we are able to produce better labels, faster and more seamlessly.”

Identifying Label Defects

For label manufacturers such as Hub Labels, the ability of Helios to immediately detect developing defects, decreases overprinting and reprinting. It also significantly reduces waste and production costs. Since the original AVT Helios installation, Hub Labels has clocked material waste as low as 2%, even while running 400 feet of web per minute. The resulting boost to overall productivity and efficiency was instant and dramatic. Hub Labels estimates its own output has risen by 15%.

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