Hub Labels is proud to introduce Linerless Labels to the US Markets

linerless-labelHagerstown, MD | April 15, 2009 — Hub Labels is pleased to introduce Linerless Labels, a labeling solution that eliminates the silicone release liner found on traditional pressure sensitive labels, to the United States marketplace. Linerless Labels are a revolutionary solution to labeling skin pack trays, vacuum sealed meat trays, and other product trays or packages that are traditionally tough to apply a ps label due to their odd shape. Primary markets include the meat, fish and poultry categories. Secondary markets include fresh produce, bakery and dessert food products.

As the name suggests, Linerless Labels eliminate waste by eliminating the liner which is a non-recyclable byproduct of ps labels. To prevent a Linerless Label from sticking to itself while on a roll, a silicone layer is added to the face stock. Sleeving or full-wrap applications are effective at reducing the typical material weight of traditional sleeves while speeding up efficiencies. No label liner means that a Linerless Label roll can hold more labels, reduce freight cost, decrease production downtime and changeovers, and help reduce production line labor costs.

Popular for many years in the UK and Europe with over 12 billion+ applied annually, Hub Labels was able to work with the UK Company, Ravenwood Linerless Labels and Sleeves, to bring this high-end packaging solutions to the table with a variety of application styles. Linerless Labels provide all the benefits of self-adhesive labeling with improved efficiencies, volume applications and environmental advantages through their non-utilization of carrier backing paper. Available in silicone coated paper, board or synthetic materials, standard Linerless Labels deliver a semi-adhesive label format which partially adheres to pack through a series of technically placed glue strips. Labels faces are then supplied without carrier backing paper. Reel weight is therefore significantly reduced by up to 40%, meaning less weight waste, storage and reel changeovers. As an extended pack format, Linerless Labels also deliver consistency on-shelf as well as increased surface area print to better service information and legislative requirements.

Linerless Label Benefits Include:

  • Zero backing paper waste
  • 40% less reel weight compared to self-adhesive labels
  • More labels on a reel
  • Fully automated application speeds of up to 180 packs per minute
  • Fewer reel changes, less downtime
  • Consistency of format on-shelf
  • Increased surface print area
  • Tamper evident

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