I Got 99 Problems, But Gunk Ain’t One

I got 99 problems, but gunk ain’t’ one…..HIT ME!

Ok now that I got that off my chest, let’s get down to it.

In today’s competitive landscape, efficiency is key for business success, and it’s no different when it comes to labeling solutions. Introducing the ETI Coater, a state-of-the-art linerless label applicator, engineered with pioneering features such as NoGunk Technology. Read on to understand how this innovative machine is reshaping the linerless label application industry.

Deep Dive into the ETI Coater

The ETI Coater stands as a cutting-edge solution in linerless label applications, consolidating a range of features that collectively deliver efficiency, flexibility, and quality. From adhesive application to quick changeovers, let’s unpack its core functionalities:

Versatile Adhesive Application Capabilities

Offering unparalleled flexibility, the ETI Coater allows users to apply adhesive in customizable patterns or shapes. This adaptability makes it an excellent fit for a broad spectrum of linerless label applications.

Precision and Uniformity in Coat-Weight

Bid farewell to uneven adhesive application. The ETI Coater promises uniformity across all tasks, ensuring each label adheres to the highest quality standards.

Swift Changeovers for Enhanced Productivity

With its adaptable sleeve system, the ETI Coater minimizes downtime through rapid transitions between jobs, thus enhancing operational productivity.

Spotlight on NoGunk Technology: A Game-Changer

What distinguishes the ETI Coater is its unique feature—NoGunk Technology—which tackles some of the most challenging issues in the industry.

Unveiling NoGunk Technology

Designed as an advanced hot melt adhesive roll coater system, NoGunk Technology aims to eradicate the accumulation of adhesive residue that could hamper machine performance.

Advantages of NoGunk Technology:

  1. No More Build-Up: Traditional slot die systems frequently experience adhesive accumulation, which can cause machine halts. NoGunk Technology alleviates this problem, ensuring continuous, efficient operation.
  2. Precision in Adhesive Applications: With NoGunk Technology, expect nothing less than precise and clean adhesive applications, thus elevating the quality of the final product.
  3. Resource-Efficient Low Coat Weights: With the capability to apply coat weights as low as 4 GSM, this technology not only boosts efficiency but also promotes resource conservation.

Ending Thoughts

The ETI Coater is more than just a machine; it’s a groundbreaking solution in linerless labeling. Its NoGunk Technology solves longstanding industry challenges, offering a process that’s streamlined, efficient, and reliable.

By incorporating these innovative features, the ETI Coater redefines the standards for linerless labeling systems. Make the strategic move for your business and discover the limitless potential of the ETI Coater and its revolutionary NoGunk Technology.