Hub Labels Employee Spotlight – Christina Patterson

Christina Employee Spotlight

Hub Labels is excited to share our latest Employee Spotlight featuring Christina Patterson, Hub Customer Account Manager. We set a few minutes aside to sit down with Christina and asked her a few questions on her experience and relationship with Hub.

How long have you been at Hub? What year did you start?

I have been with Hub for five years and counting! I started on February 29th, 2016; I was a leap year hire!

In order, what are all the jobs you’ve had at Hub in your time here?

I started in converting on A4 and eventually learned how to run every converting machine in that department including the BAUM Folder and Turret, then a position opened for a customer service assistant, so I applied for that and moved up to the office which was a huge change from working around the sounds of all the machines and with the machines themselves, which I loved! Soon after I learned my role as a customer service assistant the position for a customer account manager opened up, so I applied for that and was lucky enough to be chosen and I love it!

What are some your most memorable moments at Hub? Business and non-business related, or both. (i.e., a piece of equipment you remember being installed, a memorable community event or company social, etc. etc.)

The opportunity to learn the turret, Cory Martin, my supervisor at the time in converting was looking for volunteers to learn how to set up and run the turret machine, knowing what it was capable of and the change it would make I volunteered, it was difficult and had many issues but we persevered and now it runs thousands of feet in a fraction of the time that it used to take individual converters to run.

My other favorite memory was getting to watch our Hub Team play Mud Volleyball for a charity tournament, it was so much fun and I believe we almost won, unfortunately we don’t do it anymore which a lot of us wish we still did, I know I was looking forward to participating the next year and that was the year we stopped playing, it was a lot of fun and I know a lot of us miss it and I for one would have loved to play!! Mud, sun, friends, and teamwork all for charity, need I say more??

What is your favorite part about working at Hub Labels?

The people, the vision, the community. Hub is always looking for ways to innovate and create a bright future for things to come, it is extremely encouraging and enlightening to work for and with a company that cares about the environment, sustainability and the community that is around them. I don’t have coworkers; I have an extended family and many friends that is what I have, and I wouldn’t be able to have the passion for my job if it wasn’t for the great people that make up team Hub.

What has changed about Hub since you started working here?

Many things have changed, we are now 100% landfill free, we’ve achieved SHARP Certification, new additions have been added not only within the building, but we will now have not one but two digital presses, and many other machines that are giving us new capabilities and capacities for more amazing labels, innovation is one of our goals that creates our spirit the spirit of hub. Our spirit is what keeps us on the path to success and creates the change we need to grow and advance. We – SERVE the PEOPLE of our community with INTEGRITY and RESPECT, through INNOVATION and TEAMWORK. We UNITE with HONOR and BELIEVE in who we are WE THINK DIFFERENTLY, WE ARE HUB!