Linerless Labels

product LL-113Imagine saving 40% or more in shipping charges and storage space on your current label orders. It’s possible when converting your existing traditional labels to the latest linerless label technology. Popular for many years in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, with over 10 Billion labels applied each year; Hub Labels is now able to offer these amazing, cost-saving labels from Ravenwood Linerless Labels.  Not only can you save on your shipping and storage budget, you can drastically decrease your refuse bills as you will no longer be saddled with the useless backing found on traditional labels! Consider this: the backings on traditional, pressure-sensitive labels are part of the shipping and storage costs of common, current systems.  You also have to pay to have the unused backing hauled away—meaning you’re paying twice for something you can’t use! Watch the video below to find out more:

Introducing the Ultimate Package Solution


Still not convinced the savings involved with linerless labels is right for your company? Please, read on. Linerless label technology is able to provide:

  • Full sleeves, C-wrap, top & sides or top only.
  • Bottle and flat side panels.
  • Full color, high definition graphics.
  • Labels with printing on both sides.
  • Versatile material options including board, paper & synthetics.
  • Competitive line speeds resulting in labor savings and less downtime.

Converting to linerless label equipment for your product is fast and easy as well as profitable! Learn how you can take advantage of this amazing new technology.
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Linerless Labels Examples