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Is Your Prime Label Meant To Stick?

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Not all labels are created equal

You wouldn’t walk outside in the snow without a winter coat so why would you expose your label to the elements without a winter coat? When it comes to creating the perfect pressure-sensitive (ps) label for your product you have options and it’s important to consider what conditions your product will undergo! Pressure-sensitive labels are a great solution to brand your product as they provide high-quality resolution and brilliant color with plenty of embellishments to pop your package off the shelves to catch the eye of the consumer. Contact Hub Labels to print your product prime label.

Simply tell our team of experts what substrate material and the label shape needed. From there, we can help you come up with a ps label solution that will keep your product looking fresh long after it leaves the shelf.

Label Applications

Plastic Bottle Labels

Flexible Plastic Products 

Rigid Container Labels

Rigid Glass Products  

Cold Resistant Labels

Cold Tempeture Products

Water Resistant Labels

Wet Strength

Durable Labels

Durable Products 

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printing labels
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