Sales Representative in PRIME Labels

SALES REPRESENTATIVE needed in the Mid-Atlantic Region. This is your opportunity to work for a privately-owned, focused, progressive pressure sensitive label manufacturer with a legendary reputation in the region – HUB LABELS!

Hub Labels is conducting a rigorous search for the right fit, highly motivated sales professional. Tired of bouncing from company to company with lackluster support or even zero help to guarantee your success? Do you continue to search for the next job after your first day with a new employer? Break-out and change your personal universe now by aligning with an all-star Company team.

The major duties of this job involve connecting quickly with people in a poised, convincing, and enthusiastic way. This job will entail working at an extremely fast pace, and will require working cooperatively with and through team members in order to complete tasks. The job requires collaborative work within the organization, and will be integral in motivating and bringing out the best in others.

This job will require a strong sense of urgency, initiative, and drive to get things done correctly, with emphasis on working with Company team members and through key individuals in the process. Understanding people well and using that knowledge effectively in motivating and persuading others to act, will be an important aspect of the job.

It is important in this job for ambitious goals to be set and reached, and for tasks to be completed in a timely manner.

Decisions will many times have to be made under pressure, and will generally need the ideas and advice of others. Details will need to be handled and conveyed quickly and accurately, but will not be a repetitive part of the job due to the custom nature of the label business.

A majority of the key tasks in this job may entail selling or persuading others. Some duties may entail training or mentoring others in some capacity. This job will involve controlling all aspects of tasks in the sales process, from the initiation, through the workflow and carried out to completion.

Role Title: Sales Representative
Reports to: Sales Manager

Other roles in collaboration:
• Senior Sales Representatives
• Customer Service Staff
• Production Staff
• Marketing
• Finance
• Owner

Hours: 40 per week (Additional hours will be necessary)

Sell Hub Labels and offerings to prospects and customers according to the sales and go-to market strategy.

Within an assigned territory:
• Achieve growth in ideal segments through new business generation.
• Retain and grow revenue from the existing repeatable business you have generated in prior periods.

Competitive Base plus bonus and commission structure for boundless upside earnings potential.
Other benefits increase the total value of this compensation package by 5%.

Other benefits:
• Earnings are uncapped
• Accelerators on income after hitting 100% quota
• 3-month ramp to full productivity
• Full, proven, and tested onboarding program
• Frequent reward opportunities
• Medical/Dental insurance options
• 401K options
• Gainsharing program
• Mobile technology provisions (Laptop and cellphone)
• Company credit card
• Robust in-house training

You will be assigned a territory that has sufficient potential to make top earnings at Hub Labels.
• Territories are planned and updated
• Your territory will include enterprises, businesses of all sizes, many in the manufacturing sector
• You will be responsible for lead generation and daily prospecting
• You will participate in quota attainment and commissions for accounts in your territory
• Existing relationships you bring to Hub Labels may also earn you financial incentives.

Here is your reporting structure:
Sales Representative > Sales Manager > Owner > Your Creator

Your Sales Manager is trained and compensated to ensure you are successful as a Sales Representative. The Sales Manager has extensive training and a proven track record which covers areas such as:
• Coaching team members to high productivity
• Establishing high performance teams
• Managing to team, district, and regional goals
• Being a champion for Sales Representatives within Hub Labels’ internal departments
• Mastery of Hub Labels Sales Process and methodology
• Modeling effective network building and customer sales calls

Working at Hub Labels as a Sales Representative allows you to:
1-Create and develop innovative solutions to complex and difficult customer challenges
2-Gain fulfillment from helping customers improve their top and bottom lines
3-Learn new methods and use new tools that increase your personal competence
4-Work closely with other service and sales professionals who demonstrate expertise, intelligence, integrity, and creativity
5-Work independently but enjoy consistent collaboration – leveraging emerging social/local/mobile approaches
6-Be in a position to rapidly enhance your financial situation while staging yourself for continued success
7-Expand your knowledge of various industries and markets
8-Challenge and stimulate your intellectual curiosity
9-Build your personal brand
10-Expand the breadth and depth of your professional network and your reputation within that network

– Learn and use Hub Labels, buyer-aligned sales process
– Execute virtual and physical visits with defined buying personas
– Perpetuate a strategy to pull buying personas through Hub Labels Sales Process
– Become a trusted advisor with customers by learning their businesses, challenges, and risks (SME of them)
– Propose and progress to close the appropriate solutions for customers
– Employ negotiation skills to maximize price and profitability
– Work to improve customer contact relationships and expand reach within customers to other buying centers (The goal here is to increase customer retention and the share of their spend with Hub Labels)
– Work within the assigned territory, resource and budget constraints – “Freedom within Framework”
– Ownership of the structured and thorough new customer “on-boarding” process through to signed acceptance by customer and Hub Labels support team – goal being 100% first pass yield for a clean first order

– Maintain accurate sales reporting within Hub Labels CRM
– Manage customer satisfaction and loyalty by involving internal resources
– Act as a mentor for new Sales Professionals
– Share sales best practices and lessons learned via the approved forums
– Keep up with continuing education to improve your skills and move you towards your objectives
– Be an ambassador for Hub Labels by actively promoting the brand through periodic blogging and constant social network participation

Although these are preferred qualifications, we are always looking for great people who are not currently in the Sales profession. Other professionals that have become successful sales people at Hub Labels have come from customer service, event management, and other skilled professions outside of printing.

• Must have a high school diploma or GED
– At least 3 years of documented, successful experience in a Sales Professional role
• Experience managing a sales territory
• Evidence of CRM and/or Sales Metrics use and adherence
• Social prospecting experience
• The desire and ability to progress through Hub Labels Career Trajectory is a preferred characteristic

Note that these are Hub Labels’ preferred competencies. We will entertain all applicants with experience that would require successful display of these and other similar competencies:

1.  Discipline
2. Time management skills
3. Objective setting
4. Communication skills (including the ability to listen)
5. Self-Motivated Tireless work ethic

• Collaborative: Work across boundaries with internal and external customers
• Decisive: Make sound business decisions in a timely and effective way
• Inspirational: Motivate other team members to improve their performance through word and example

Hub Labels has a thriving culture and we have expended great effort, from office layout, communication tools and meeting formats, to ensure a team-based environment. This means that those who prove performance for Hub Labels’ best will be tapped for promotions and increased earnings as long as they have shown a track record of “helping their fellow man/woman” to greater achievements.
“Show the LOVE, Share the LOVE, Be the VOICE”


  1. New Business generation per time period / New Business reports generated through CRM system and Sales Success Dashboard Metric
  2. Sales Budget / Financial results generated periodically through Finance Team/ERP system
  3. A Minimum number of Face to Face End User Contacts per week scheduled and completed on a minimum of sites / Activity report generated through Sales Success Dashboard Metric
  4. Work within defined sales process, sales strategy, resource & budget constraints / internal reports and Sales Manager follow-up

Hub Labels has an intense hiring process that is unlike many other companies. If you decide to pursue a rewarding Sales role at “HUB”, here are the high-level hiring steps to expect:

  1. Application process (including a Career History Form that covers your past roles)
  2. Social network assessment (to gauge your sales competencies and capabilities NOT your affinities)
  3. Initial phone interview (to validate Career History and Application information and determine your ambitions for this role)
  4. Personality characteristic assessment as it pertains to the role
  5. A chance for you to question those you would be working with
  6. Complete reference checks (3)
  7. Two to three In-person rounds of interviews
  8. Live job tryout with “Hub Labels” professionals (Scenario-based artifact production and presentation)
  9. Formal meeting with the Owner, Production Manager and Sales Manager (to gauge cultural fit)

Vision Statement
Hub Labels is passionate about providing the ultimate customer and employee experience while positively impacting the community, environment and industry.

Mission Statement
Hub Labels is committed to providing a world-class experience to our:
        Customers – by offering innovative products and services.
        Employees – by providing a safe and rewarding work environment.
        Community – by supporting charitable and environmental programs.
        Stakeholders – by generating value.

Value Statement – S.P.I.R.I.T.
The core values of Hub Labels are reflected in our approach to business.

        Serve – ALWAYS putting people FIRST

        People – Empower and develop our valued team members for mutual growth and success.

        Integrity – Consistently leading by example though our actions – customer commitment, quality,
        teamwork, respect for people, good citizenship, honesty and personal accountability.

        Respect – Recognizing the value of every employee’s contributions, honoring our diversity and
        working together as an effective team in which each person understands his or her importance
        to the team.

        Innovation – Delivering leading edge solutions and design to customers and stakeholders
        through ongoing reinvestment, technology adoption, research and development.

        Teamwork – One focus, one goal, one team

Code of Conduct Characteristics
– Have Respect for People
– Be Loyal
– Communicate Positively
– Act with Integrity
– Be a Positive Change Agent
– Show Dedication
– Be an Effective Team Player
– Be Honest
– Act with a Sense of Urgency
– Be Accountable
– Exercise Good Judgment
– Have Discipline
– Have a Willingness to Learn
– Be Open-Minded