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As an Epson ColorWorks Authorized Reseller, we are able to provide businesses an economical full-color print solution when challenged by a large number of SKUs. Epson on-demand printers allows a business to drastically reduce label inventory, as it eliminates the need for custom pre-printed labels from a traditional flexographic print shop. These high-performance printers produce labels that make a big impression, streamline your workflow and are a cost effective solution when you are faced with labeling many SKUs.

Contact Us for any of your Epson needs, from new printers to ink replacements and blank labels. We have a large, in-stock inventory ready to ship. For a complete turn-key solution, schedule recurring automatic delivery of the consumables you need to keep your on-demand label printing at full-speed. When the need arises, Hub Labels is here to provide you with the highest-quality, 7-color extended gamet labels with embellishments and unique finishes when you need a label that pops off the shelves.

printing labels


  • Full-color, heavy production label printer
  • Print speeds up to 11.8″ per sec
  • 1200×600 dpi, high image quality
  • BS 5609 certified
  • 4.4″ media width
  • C700GE includes Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition software for powerful color management
printing labels


  • Fast, on-demand label printer
  • 720 x 360 dpi image
  • Print speeds up to 4″ per second (360 x 360 dpi, 2.2″ Wide Mode)
  • 4-color, CMYK
  • BS 5609 certified
  • Internal roll or external rear feed
  • 4.25″ media width
printing labels


  • Rugged, wide-label printer
  • Print speeds up to 13.6 pages per minute (360 x 360 dpi, 8″ Wide Mode)
  • 720 x 360 dpi image
  • BS 5609 certified
  • 8.25″ print / 9.5″ media width