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Beer, Wine & Spirits Labels

Beer, Wine & Spirit Labels

Beer Labels

You only have seconds to capture the attention of consumers. With so much competition, your craft beer labels need to look unique and stand out. We know you take pride in your brewing, taking all the necessary steps to make your product the best. Your labels need to reflect all of your hard work.

You’ve perfected your brew. Now, let our team of experts perfect your brand with custom beer labels.

In a recent study conducted in the CUshop™ Consumer Experience Laboratory at Clemson University, it was proven that labels matter when consumers purchase craft beer. The study examined the shelf impact of craft beer labels when products were positioned in a simulated retail store environment. During the two-day study, 193 “shoppers” (109 female, 84 male) wore calibrated, eye tracking glasses while selecting products from a list. Participant eye movements were recorded to provide insight as to why individuals selected certain products.

Click Here to view the study.

Wine & Spirit Labels

Hub Labels knows that wine and spirit brands cover the full gamut of design approaches. With the experience to work closely with brand owners and label designers, we make sure you have the platform and production choices that can maximize and visually impact your brand image.

We bring works of art to life by combining the materials of our craft including inks, foils, tooling and a range of traditional, contemporary and specialty papers and films. From textured, natural labels that convey a sustainable message or sleek, foil labels that exude style, we have the right label material combinations to express your unique brand story.

Custom wine and spirit labels incorporating foils and holographic or iridescent films bring a contemporary wake-up call to your design ideas, pushing the boundaries of your creative expression and brand recognition. Paired with Hub Labels printing techniques and expertise, these labels are ready for the spotlight.

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