Understanding label adhesives

You may be wondering what exactly is a label adhesive? The adhesive of a label is what creates the bond between the label and the container; It is what gives a label its “sticking power”. When you think about the various labels you encounter in your everyday life and how each label seems to either peel right off or requires extremely hot water and a lot of arm strength to remove, you can start to understand the importance of choosing the right label adhesive for your container and your product’s lifecycle.

Understanding adhesive properties is our job at Hub Labels; You do not need to have an in-depth knowledge on the subject of label adhesives. But here are a few basics properties of an adhesive that may help shed some light onto why a label manufacturer may be asking you a lot of questions about how the label will be applied and what elements it may be exposed to from creation to refuse bin.

Permanent label adhesives

There are a large variety of factors that a pressure sensitive label manufacturer should consider when recommending a permanent label adhesive. A permanent label adhesive is a label intended for a one-time use application. The more extreme the elements that the label will be exposed to during the product lifecycle, combined with the amount of time the label is expected to last, will drive the strength of the adhesive needed for any given application.

Permanent adhesives fall into their own subcategories depending upon the label use. This includes labels exposed to cold temperatures such as a freezer; wet-strength labels exposed to water; and outdoor use labels that work well against weather and UV rays. The strongest adhesives will be used for labels exposed to sea water, UV rays, extreme weather conditions, or harsh chemicals. We often refer to these labels as durable labels. Permanent adhesives are ideal for steel, glass, nylon, polycarbonate, cardboard, plastics, etc.

Most custom labels use one of the many types of permanent adhesives available because the available label face stocks is greater when using a permanent adhesives. These adhesives also tend to cost less than removable adhesives. If you are experience labels falling off your containers, contact Hub Labels. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the right permanent label adhesive right for your application!

Removable label adhesives

When a label needs to be removed, reused or repositioned, a removable adhesive will be the best option. With the passing of time, removable adhesives tend to take on the properties of permanent adhesives meaning there is a time limit to when these labels can be removed and reused. Knowing the how long you expect a label to be easily removable will be vital information for you to share with your label manufacturer.

Removable label adhesives are ideal for the retail industry but can be used across a wide range of industries. Adhesives that are removable are designed to create a secure bond to a surface but can easily be removed without any residue and without damaging the container surface. The cost for removable adhesives tends to be more than most permanent adhesives. When removing a label can result in an unwanted damaged surface, the use of a removal adhesive may be required.

Choosing the right adhesive

All adhesives fall somewhere on this scale between removable and permanent. To find the right adhesive, we need to know the type of surface your label will be applied on. We also want to know will the product container be stored indoors, outdoors or in some other extreme condition. What sort of UV resistance will be needed? What other chemicals could the label be exposed to when in use or stored? How is the label applied and at what temperature? There are a host of factors that we will consider when recommending a label adhesive to you.

We have been in the label manufacturing business for more than 40+ years and have the industry knowledge and resources to formulate the right solution for your container. Speak with our team of experts about your specific needs. We want to help solve your labeling challenges and problems!

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