August Employee Spotlight

Hub Labels is excited to share our second Employee Spotlight, featuring Arnold Crouse, our material planner of 20 years and teammate for 40. We set a few minutes aside to sit down with Arnold and ask him a few questions on his experience and relationship with Hub.

Being with Hub for a solid 40 years, you must have a variety of experiences here at Hub. What are all the jobs that you’ve had throughout the years?

Arnold: I started out as a converter, printer and shop supervisor when we moved into our new building (that we are currently in). Then I was a shift supervisor when we started 2 shifts along with Dave Mosser, at that time we alternated on 1st & 2nd shift. Then I became the production supervisor, and then became Material planner for the last 20 years.

You’ve been a loyal member of our team at Hub since the beginning stages of the company: What are some your most memorable moments at Hub? Business and non-business related, or both.

Arnold: Traveling to El Salvador back in 1987 for Bud Dahbura’s cousin to help them with training their supervisor in San Salvador. I was there for 3 weeks learning their process. I got to see what they were printing for local businesses, like food products, carnival tickets, clothing etc. It was fun & interesting to experience their culture and ways of living! Another time was back in mid 90’s going with Thomas to Milan, Italy for a few days to learn about heat sensitive inks for a local ribbon making company for how they transferred their patterns & colors on their ribbons. Again learning Italian culture and learning the basic principles of how to print on paper with these heat transfer inks.”

What has been your favorite part about working at Hub Labels?

Arnold: Having the background & experience to share with the departments to give them the information they need to process the orders for our customers and the camaraderie and relationships I have built over these past 40 years at Hub Labels. Also, giving back to the community non-profit organizations though volunteering with United Way, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Adopt a Highway are a few I have supported over the past years.

What has changed about Hub since you started working here?  

Arnold: Wow, many things from how things were done 40 years ago which was mostly by memory and learning and adapting to the different printing technologies and software to track physical inventory to processing orders and purchasing. Going to an all-in-one productivity software package from EFI back in 2014 and also seeing how printing presses have advanced over the many years I have been at Hub.

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Mark Smith, Lead Estimator at Hub Labels

Hub Labels Employee Spotlight – Mark Smith

[July 7, 2020] – Hub Labels is excited to share our new “Employee Spotlight”, which features an interview with one of our employees here at Hub. Our first July 2020 “Employee Spotlight”features an interview with the one and only, Mark Smith, our lead estimator who has been a part of our team since April 2009. Colin Viti, our marketing coordinator, sat down with Mark and asked him a few questions about his experience here at Hub Labels.

Mark, you’ve been at Hub a long time, just over 11 years. What is the most memorable moment you’ve had while employed?

Mark: “One of the most memorable moments was last October when the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, came to visit our plant to celebrate our S.H.A.R.P Certification. It was quite an honor to meet him, along with being a part of the company that achieved that title of being SHARP Certified. More recently though, the most memorable “moment”, and will always be the indelible mark of my time here at Hub, was this pandemic and how we as a company have pulled through this so far. It was thrust upon all of us so unexpectedly and we were quickly thrown in to situations that were out of our comfort zones, ones we have never experienced before. The teamwork I’ve experienced in all facets of the business has been what I will never forget.” 

You see a lot of labels and get to be a part of the process from beginning to end. What is your favorite part about what you do?

Mark: “I love seeing new jobs pass all the way through the plant; to see a finished product and hearing that our customer’s expectations were exceeded is why I come to work every day.”

Over the years, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of change here at Hub Labels. What change has made the biggest impact to how you operate day to day?”

Mark: “Oh geez, without a doubt back in 2014 when we installed the Ef/Radius platform. This software changed the way we operate. The main purpose of the Ef/Radius platform is to measure the shop floor data. This allows us to better evaluate our true costs of the jobs we produce. Before this system was implemented, my job was very tedious. I’m so thankful we work for a company that continues to invest in the latest technologies!

Thanks Mark for your time!

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Lean Manufacturing Tour

Hub Labels Hosts Lean Peer Group

Hub Labels hosted a Lean Manufacturing Peer Group at their facility in Hagerstown, Maryland on October 31st. During the discussion, various Hub Labels employees, many in Halloween attire, discussed their efforts in 2019 to streamline processes and identify opportunities to implement positive change to improve production during the label manufacturing process.

Laura presents Customer Service 2019 Wins

Laura Crawford, Customer Service Manager at Hub aka Little Red Riding Hood, discussed how standardizing paperwork approvals and how those approvals are placed on paperwork by the customer service team decreased confusion and increased productivity during job production. “Instead of changing the process on my own, I gathered the customer service team and the production crew into a room so we could have an open discussion on how we could ease confusion and deliver consistent paperwork,” stated Laura. “Getting everyone’s ideas on the table is such an important part of the process. We don’t want to implement change in a vacuum. Getting everyone on board with why something is not working and how we can improve any process is such an important step. We’ve seen such great results from our efforts and October was our best month yet in regards to avoiding down time due to paperwork issues.”

Cory presents Label Converting 2019 Wins

Cory Martin, Finishing Supervisor aka Hub Labels Mascot, reviewed how splicing rolls consumed almost 10% of his team’s time in 2018 and how working with customers to find solutions to avoid the need to splice label rolls reduced roll splicing by more than 50% in 2019. “When my team needs to splice label rolls, that is time we aren’t making labels,” explained Cory to the group. “It was frustrating at times trying to gather the data we needed so we could establish a base line but with some work, we got there. When we realized how much time we were spending splicing rolls, we knew something had to change. With some help, we came up with a formula that customer service now uses when discussing labels with customers so my team can focus on converting labels for our customers.”

Brad presents Label Printing Press Maintenance 2019 Wins

Brad Jump, Maintenance Manager aka Clark Kent aka Superman, stressed the importance of not having silos within the business. “When a machine goes down, that effects the entire company. As a maintenance manager, I work closely with our label print press technicians to track and analyze what is causing machines to go down and how often machines are not running,” explained Brad. “I depend on these guys to tell me when they notice a weird noise or when the machine is not acting right. They are the experts and use these machines everyday. The more we work together, the more proactive we can be to avoid downtime. We’ve even been able to train our pressmen to do small fixes on a machine such as changing out a ball bearing so they aren’t sitting around waiting for me to show up. We had big wins in 2019 with less down time than in years past because of these efforts.”

At the end of meeting, the lean peer group was invited on a tour of the Hub Labels facility. The group was walked through the various stages of label manufacturing and to observe in person the company efforts to increase productivity and find opportunities for future continuous improvement projects.

Tour of Hub LabelsTour of Hub Labels
Tour of Hub LabelsThomas on Tour
Label Plate RoomLinerless Labels Explained

Happy Halloween from everyone at Hub Labels! Congratulations to our Best Halloween Costume Winner, Deric Bailey dressed as our Continuous Improvement Director, Jesse Hood.

2019 Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Paralyzed Veterans of America – Thomas’ Mountain Bike Trip Journal

Mountain Bike Journey Through Crested Butte, Colorado

In August 2017, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) invited Thomas Dahbura, owner of Hub Labels, to join them on a mountain bike trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. Over the next week, Thomas documented his adventure through the mountains of Colorado and the amazing crew of the PVA mountain bikers.

8/21/2017 – Day 1

The day started with a 3am wake up call. All packed and ready to go headed out the door at 4am BWI-DFW first leg. DFW-flight was on time and off to Montrie to meet Jody Shifler-the event organizer, Mark and Linda Power along with Luke and Brianna from the Adaptive Sports Center.

Off to Crested Butte 2 hour drive.

Arrived Crested Butte and all is well. Met all the athletes and got briefed by the ASC staff about the exciting week to come finished off with Pizza and water. Crested Butte is at 8880 feet. Nothing to mess with so water and NO booze. Skiing is one thing but mountain biking at this altitude should be exciting. The highlight of the briefing was finding out that one of the rides is a 2-1/2 mile hill climb and 1,000 feet of climbing. That will be a record for me and at this altitude should be interesting.

Monday is planned to get our bikes checked out and out for an easy 10 mile ride in the low country. Low country is above 9,000 feet. I’ll be working on getting used to using the go pros and adding footage to my diary.

8/22/2017 Day 2

Monday was about getting our equipment fitted out for the athletes and getting acclimated. We started with basic skills and they learned how to maneuver their wheels over various obstacles.

Each athlete had different types of trikes as you will be able to tell from the video and each one came with their own challenges. The day was interrupted to watch the eclipse and gave us a chance to take a short break.

After lunch we ventured out for some riding around the town loop which got all the fellas out into the hills and gave us an opportunity to see the amazing vistas and challenge ourselves on the trail.
The trail had its challenges but the most challenging was the lack of oxygen! No injuries despite a couple of crashes so the day was a success. As I get to know everyone I am inspired by their positive attitude and GRIT!

8/23/2017 Day 3

The long days and lack of oxygen really take a toll on the body but I am finally adjusting to the altitude. I have really been enjoying the fantastic views and taking in the incredible scenery. Check out my video of the day’s journey.

8/24/2017 Day 4

Did some great downhill work today. Really enjoying biking with the PVA team. One day left!

8/25/2017 Day 5

I made it to the last day. It will be tough going home after this and returning to normal life. Loved biking everyday and seeing such wonderful views of our great country. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be on this journey with me. I hope I get an opportunity to do this again. Quick question… Do I need to worry about reverse altitude sickness when I get back to Maryland? I know people get land-sick when they’ve been on a boat for a long time. Nah, just having some fun. Thanks for being with me on my journey.

printing labels

Introducing the Hub Labelfire Press

The Gallus Labelfire 340 combines the latest digital printing technology with the benefits of conventional printing and further processing technology and is raising the bar in label printing. The capabilities are endless!


Projects can easily be customized with text or graphics.

Long & Short Runs

This press has the ability to handle both long and short run digital printing which helps keep your project on schedule.

High Quality Printing

Industry standard is for flexo printing is 300 dpi, the digital press is 1200 dpi. *dpi – dots per inch

Print on Demand

Ability for a faster reaction time; including last minute art and quantity changes.

Less Inventory Stock

Instead of printing large amounts at a time, digital printing allows you to print what you need, when you need it.

Test-Drive Markets

Since there is not a minimum quantity requirement; you are able to test new markets cost effectively.

Special Effects

Interested in adding special effects to your label? Choose from silver or gold cold foil to make your package stand out.

Still interested in learning more about our Labelfire?

Watch our Labelfire Video.
Play the Labelfire Video