Flexographic & Digital Printing

Flexographic Label PrinterHere at Hub Labels, we are consistently refining our services in order to offer our clients a multitude of options and services, all at the most affordable prices in the industry. With this in mind we’re proud to provide Flexographic Printing services for large label runs as well as Digital Printing for smaller label orders. What type of printing is right for your product or service? We’re glad you asked!

Need A Large Label Run? Flexographic Printing Is The Best Choice!

Does your business require a large run of labels? Our flexographic printing presses are able to produce a high output of quality labels quickly, affordably and error-free. This process is able to incorporate a variety of materials enabling rapid production of pressure-sensitive labels, foil labels, shrink sleeves—literally any type of label your product requires!

Imagine the money your company will save once your customized plates are created, ready to be used for each of your label orders! The more labels processed through our flexographic press, the more cost-effective each order becomes.

Benefits Of Flexographic Printing Label Runs:

  • The ability to run several hundred feet of material per minute.
  • Once initial plates are created, labels are created rapidly resulting in expedited turnaround time.
  • Flexible label material choices.
  • Most cost-effective option for ongoing, multiple label runs.

Require A Specialty Label Run? Use Our Digital Printing Service

For smaller label runs requiring amazing graphics, crisp, vibrant colors and images that demand attention, digital label printing is able to produce the results your product deserves. This method requires much less setup time than full flexographic runs, produces far less waste, and even has the capabilities to print UPC barcodes.

Hub Label’s digital printing services are the perfect solution for short label runs, especially when a rapid turnaround time is needed.

Benefits Of Digital Printing Label Runs:

  • Digital labels ready to ship in as little as one business day from receipt of client’s artwork approval.
  • Average of seven-day turnaround for customized digital labels.
  • High-resolution makes small label print easier to read for end user.
  • Cost-effective way to market test a variety of different labels for your product.

Do you have questions about your label needs? Consult with our label experts!