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Choosing the correct finish can complement your label design

Once you’ve chosen an adhesive and face-stock for your custom label it’s time to think about adding a finish to your label. Depending on the option that you choose you can create a wide variety of different looks for your product. Using a lamination or varnish can help take your product to the next level. Depending on which finish you choose, gloss or matte, will alter the label’s appearance and feel in the customer’s hands depending on your brands aesthetic. Further more, varnish or lamination provides the ultimate ink and label protection for your product.

You can also help your brand pop and stand with a premium and distinct look by adding foil to your label! Foil gives you the flexibility to create the perfect finishing touch to your label with fine detail, borders, accent areas or a metallic looking background.

Label Finishes

Gloss Lamination 

Matte Lamination Finish

Matte Lamination

Cold Foil Label Enhancements

Cold Foil 

Luxury High-End Labels

Luxe Lamination

Clear Film for "No Label" Look Substrate


Holo FX Label Enhancement

Holo FX 

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