Core Values

Vision Statement
Hub Labels believes that positively impacting the community and environment will provide the ultimate customer and employee experience.

Mission Statement
Hub Labels is committed to providing the ultimate experience to our:

        Customers – by offering innovative solutions.
        Employees – by providing a safe and successful work experience.
        Community – by supporting charitable and environmental causes.
        Stakeholders – by creating value.

Value Statement – S.P.I.R.I.T.
The core values of Hub Labels are reflected in our approach to business.

        Serve – ALWAYS putting people FIRST

        People – Empower and develop our team members for mutual growth and success.

        Integrity – Consistently leading by example through our actions – customer commitment,
        quality, teamwork, respect for people, good citizenship, honesty and personal accountability.

        Respect – Recognizing the value of every employees’ contributions while honoring our
        diversity and working together as an effective team.

        Innovation – Delivering effective packaging solutions to customers through ongoing
        reinvestment in emerging technologies.

        Teamwork – One focus, one goal, one team.