Direct Mail Growth In 2019_

Direct Mail Growth in 2019 – A New Era

Since 1999, everyone has heard that print is dying but here we are in 2019 and print marketing is as strong as every. Printed marketing pieces, such as direct mail, have seen tremendous growth in 2019 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Direct mail has proven that it is still a required tool to drive results for any campaign effort and maximize your marketing ROI. With the internet and social media over inundating our lives, people have become immune and detached from digital marketing efforts. Marketers have started to incorporate direct mail premiums such as address labels, window clings, and bumper stickers, back into their marketing tool box and are finding great success with those efforts.

When constructing your direct mail piece, it is important to understand your audience and segment your data to drive the best results. A USPS study found that millennials are more likely to spend time sorting and opening/reading their mail. It is also found that 50% of consumers are more likely to try a new product, service or establishment within 6 months after receiving an a direct mail piece with millennials the most likely to have done so in the last month. With the introduction of informed delivery, people now get an email from USPS when a package is in the mail which is another opportunity to interact with individuals before anything has even been delivered! A successful marketer will be able to incorporate print and digital into their marketing campaigns and ensure the two work together.

If you are wondering how to tie a mailed piece to the online world, there are some simple solutions that are gaining traction. Through the use of QR codes, near field communications, augmented reality and online remarketing campaigns, companies are able to drive a person from a direct mail piece to a website or app that delivers an individual to more content and information to help them make a decision on interacting with your business. The best way to increase your direct mail ROI is to incorporate segmented data and personalized design with an interactive experience and incredible offer.

2019 Healthiest Maryland Business Gold Award | Hub Labels, Inc

Hub Labels Honored for Worksite Wellness Achievements

On Friday, June 7, Hub Labels, Inc was recognized by Healthiest Maryland Businesses as a Gold level recipient of the Wellness at Work awards. The Wellness at Work awards took place at the 10th annual Maryland Workplace Health & Wellness Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Wellness at Work awards are sponsored by Healthiest Maryland Businesses, the State’s initiative to support healthy workplaces. Any Maryland employer who is a member of Healthiest Maryland Businesses is eligible to apply, and there is no cost to be a member. Recognition criteria are based on the CDC’s Workplace Health Model and applicants are asked to describe activities and share examples of policies and tools developed and utilized in the four areas of assessment, planning and management, implementation, and evaluation. Employers may earn a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or On the Path award based on their activities to establish leadership support for wellness, create wellness committees, survey the needs and interests of their employees, set health improvement goals, and develop monitoring tools to track their outcomes over time. A complete list of businesses recognized at this year’s Wellness at Work awards can be found at the Maryland Healthiest Business website.

Launched in 2010 and based at the Maryland Department of Health, Healthiest Maryland Businesses helps businesses create customized wellness plans, set wellness goals, and monitor progress. To learn more about Healthiest Maryland Businesses services or membership, visit the Maryland Healthiest Business website.