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Hub Labels Hosts Lean Peer Group

Hub Labels hosted a Lean Manufacturing Peer Group at their facility in Hagerstown, Maryland on October 31st. During the discussion, various Hub Labels employees, many in Halloween attire, discussed their efforts in 2019 to streamline processes and identify opportunities to implement positive change to improve production during the label manufacturing process.

Laura presents Customer Service 2019 Wins

Laura Crawford, Customer Service Manager at Hub aka Little Red Riding Hood, discussed how standardizing paperwork approvals and how those approvals are placed on paperwork by the customer service team decreased confusion and increased productivity during job production. “Instead of changing the process on my own, I gathered the customer service team and the production crew into a room so we could have an open discussion on how we could ease confusion and deliver consistent paperwork,” stated Laura. “Getting everyone’s ideas on the table is such an important part of the process. We don’t want to implement change in a vacuum. Getting everyone on board with why something is not working and how we can improve any process is such an important step. We’ve seen such great results from our efforts and October was our best month yet in regards to avoiding down time due to paperwork issues.”

Cory presents Label Converting 2019 Wins

Cory Martin, Finishing Supervisor aka Hub Labels Mascot, reviewed how splicing rolls consumed almost 10% of his team’s time in 2018 and how working with customers to find solutions to avoid the need to splice label rolls reduced roll splicing by more than 50% in 2019. “When my team needs to splice label rolls, that is time we aren’t making labels,” explained Cory to the group. “It was frustrating at times trying to gather the data we needed so we could establish a base line but with some work, we got there. When we realized how much time we were spending splicing rolls, we knew something had to change. With some help, we came up with a formula that customer service now uses when discussing labels with customers so my team can focus on converting labels for our customers.”

Brad presents Label Printing Press Maintenance 2019 Wins

Brad Jump, Maintenance Manager aka Clark Kent aka Superman, stressed the importance of not having silos within the business. “When a machine goes down, that effects the entire company. As a maintenance manager, I work closely with our label print press technicians to track and analyze what is causing machines to go down and how often machines are not running,” explained Brad. “I depend on these guys to tell me when they notice a weird noise or when the machine is not acting right. They are the experts and use these machines everyday. The more we work together, the more proactive we can be to avoid downtime. We’ve even been able to train our pressmen to do small fixes on a machine such as changing out a ball bearing so they aren’t sitting around waiting for me to show up. We had big wins in 2019 with less down time than in years past because of these efforts.”

At the end of meeting, the lean peer group was invited on a tour of the Hub Labels facility. The group was walked through the various stages of label manufacturing and to observe in person the company efforts to increase productivity and find opportunities for future continuous improvement projects.

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Tour of Hub LabelsThomas on Tour
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Happy Halloween from everyone at Hub Labels! Congratulations to our Best Halloween Costume Winner, Deric Bailey dressed as our Continuous Improvement Director, Jesse Hood.

2019 Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Hub Labels Family Poses with Governor Hogan

Hub Labels Receives SHARP Certification with Pomp and Circumstance

Photos courtesy of the Governor’s Office and Chief Photographer Joe Andrucyk.

Hagerstown, MD [October 15, 2019] – Hub Labels was honored on Friday, October 11th, by representatives from the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health, a Division of Labor and Industry, for becoming the fourth business in the state of Maryland to receive the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) certification. SHARP is a recognition program for smaller, high-hazard employers who operate exemplary safety and health programs. Steve Lakin, the Deputy Commissioner of Labor and Industry, presented the SHARP certification to Hub Labels President, Thomas Dahbura; original founder, Mary Dahbura; and Quality & Continuous Improvement Director, Jesse Hood.

“The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) division was instrumental in helping Hub Labels achieve the SHARP certification”, stated Thomas Dahbura. “When we reached out to MOSH to start the process of becoming SHARP certified, we found out that there were only three other businesses in the state of Maryland with the certification. We knew it would require a team effort and be a huge undertaking for us. It took us just over two years to become SHARP certified. It really is a testament to the Governor’s mission to balance the private-public relationship. The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health division has been fantastic helping us get through this process. Their team is doing outstanding work and they were key to helping us achieve our goals. We are also grateful to the World Class Consortia as they have been very instrumental to helping Hub Labels learn more about lean manufacturing which has allowed us to become the company we are today.”

The celebration featured remarks by Governor Larry Hogan, who was among the honored guests. “This is an exciting achievement for Hub Labels, Hagerstown, Washington County and the state of Maryland”, declared Governor Hogan. “One of the best things about my job as Governor is seeing homegrown businesses succeed, especially companies that have shown such loyalty to the state of Maryland. Hub Labels is always thinking bigger and pushing harder to better serve their customers. It should come as no surprise that this great family owned, Maryland business, recently became the fourth business in the state of Maryland to pass through the rigorous standards to become SHARP certified. Hub Labels is part of an elite group of small businesses which are recognized for creating a positive work culture, for attracting skilled workers and for developing innovative safety and health programs.”

Other state and local officials were also among the honored guests, including Delegate William J. Wivell, Delegate Neil Parrott and Delegate Mike McKay, as well as Washington County Commissioners Jeffrey Cline and Randall Wagner. Paul Frey, CEO and President of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce was also in attendance.

Thomas Dahbura expressed his gratitude for all his guests, but especially for his parents and their key role in driving the success of the company. “We are truly a Maryland company. My parents, Mary and Bud Dahbura, started this company in 1978. My mom would run the company during the day and dad would work his daytime job at Pangborn, come home to eat dinner, and then print labels in the evening. Family, community and innovation was always valued and encouraged by my parents. That axiom became the heart of Hub Labels.”

Hub Labels, Inc has been at the forefront of advances in the label printing manufacturing sector, having been among the first to adapt the four-color process, computer-to-plate technology, digital printing press, servo-driven presses, linerless labels and many other innovations. Their digital printing press produces a 1200 print resolution with a 7-color extended gamut that achieves the highest quality in the label printing industry. In January 2019, Hub Labels announced that they are G7 and GMI certified which shows their expertise in color matching and print quality. The company also announced in September that they are 100% landfill free, a rarity in the label industry.

To learn more about the Maryland SHARP program and Maryland Occupational Safety and Health division’s consultation service, visit the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

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100% Landfill Free Label Manufacturer

Hagerstown, Maryland | September 17th, 2019 – Hub Labels, Inc, a leading custom label manufacturer, announced on Tuesday, September 17th, that they are 100% landfill free, a rarity in the label industry. Through a partnership with Entsorga in Martinsburg WV, Hub Labels now converts all their waste into clean burning alternative fuel called solid recovered fuel or SRF.

“Being landfill free has been a long, difficult road”, commented Nink Myers, purchasing manager at Hub Labels. “It was a project that took off in 2009 when we introduced linerless labels to the United States market. We love that this revolutionary label has zero liner waste compared to a traditional label.” With the partnership between Hub Labels and Entsorga, Hub was able to install a monitoring system to trigger a notification when their compactors are 75% full so the waste can be hauled away on a full truckload. Each haul is between 8 ½ to 10 tons of waste. The waste is taken from the Hub facility down to Entsorga, where it is turned into alternative fuels. The energy created is used as a replacement to fossil fuels, which in-turn powers large co-processing facilities such as cement plants and steel mills.

Partnering with Entsorga to convert their waste into fuel is only the latest accomplishment in going green at Hub Labels. In 2010, Hub started an 18-month journey to become Project L.I.F.E. certified by reviewing and implementing more sustainable business practices. Since then, Hub Labels has been recognized in the community with numerous environmental leadership awards. In 2015, Hub Labels purchased a Chevrolet Volt to use as the company vehicle and installed a charging station at their headquarters in Hagerstown, Maryland. Earlier in 2019, Hub Labels invested in a corrugated shredder to repurpose cardboard into packing materials and reduce the need for bubble wrap with their shipments.

“Doing the right thing isn’t always the cheapest and easiest way to run a business”, mentioned Thomas Dahbura, President of Hub Labels. “We didn’t force ourselves to completely transition to be landfill free overnight. It’s been a long-haul, but we never lost sight of our goal to become landfill free. When we learned Entsorga was opening their doors in West Virginia, we began talks with them to see if they could use our waste and turn it into renewable energy at their facility. We finally found a great fit to help us reach our goal and become landfill free.”

Hub Labels, Inc has been at the forefront of advances in the label printing manufacturing industry, having been among the first to introduce four-color process, computer-to-plate technology, digital printing, servo-driven presses, and linerless labels among many other innovations. The existing print facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland has been expanded over four times to its present size of 110,000 square feet and more than 20 presses in-house.

Hub Labels is a certified member of Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute’s (TLMI) L.I.F.E. program (Label Initiative for the Environment), a sustainability program designed specifically for the label industry. This green program demands that members constantly decrease their environmental impact and carbon footprint in four key areas: clean production, energy and greenhouse gases, product design, and management practices. More information about the L.I.F.E. program can be found on their website. Hub Labels is also currently working towards the SGP certification which is a leading non-profit accreditation organization that promotes sustainability in printing practices and manufacturing operations.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Hub Labels at (301) 790-1660 or email


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Hub Labels Welcomes Matthew Cassano as the Health and Beauty Segment Manager

Cassano brings over 9 years of experience in the labeling and packaging industry to Hub Labels, Inc.

Hagerstown, MD – August 2019 – Hub Labels, Inc is pleased to announce and welcome Matthew Cassano as the Health and Beauty segment manager. Cassano will be responsible for growing revenue, gaining client acquisition and managing relationships across the health and beauty industry, as well as the cosmetic market segments, including brand owners, design firms and packaging suppliers.

“I am truly looking forward to being part of such an established team and growing Hub’s client base in the health and beauty space,” Cassano says. “I enjoy meeting new people, helping people solve problems and working together as a team to reach a common goal. I am excited to be a part of the Hub family that shares these same ambitions.”

Cassano brings more than 9 years of label and packaging experience, along with a strong grasp manufacturing in the Northeast. Originally from Pennsylvania, he graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He achieved a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from Saint Joseph’s University in 2013. He now resides in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. Beyond helping clients with challenging label applications, Matthew has a passion for hiking and collaborative songwriting. Cassano will primarily work from his New Jersey office, putting him in the heart of the health and beauty packaging market segments.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Hub Labels at (301) 790-1660 or email

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Hub Labels Honored for Worksite Wellness Achievements

On Friday, June 7, Hub Labels, Inc was recognized by Healthiest Maryland Businesses as a Gold level recipient of the Wellness at Work awards. The Wellness at Work awards took place at the 10th annual Maryland Workplace Health & Wellness Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Wellness at Work awards are sponsored by Healthiest Maryland Businesses, the State’s initiative to support healthy workplaces. Any Maryland employer who is a member of Healthiest Maryland Businesses is eligible to apply, and there is no cost to be a member. Recognition criteria are based on the CDC’s Workplace Health Model and applicants are asked to describe activities and share examples of policies and tools developed and utilized in the four areas of assessment, planning and management, implementation, and evaluation. Employers may earn a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or On the Path award based on their activities to establish leadership support for wellness, create wellness committees, survey the needs and interests of their employees, set health improvement goals, and develop monitoring tools to track their outcomes over time. A complete list of businesses recognized at this year’s Wellness at Work awards can be found at the Maryland Healthiest Business website.

Launched in 2010 and based at the Maryland Department of Health, Healthiest Maryland Businesses helps businesses create customized wellness plans, set wellness goals, and monitor progress. To learn more about Healthiest Maryland Businesses services or membership, visit the Maryland Healthiest Business website.