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Tribute to Champions of Maryland Manufacturing

Hub Labels, Inc. has been nominated by the Washington County Department of Business Development to the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland for its 2016 Champion of Maryland Manufacturing Yearbook in the category of “Increasing Growth through Visionary Leadership” with an emphasis on “Employing an Inclusive Workforce.”

All Champions will be featured in the 2016 RMI Champions of Maryland Manufacturing yearbook which will be distributed to the nominees, state legislators, the media and educators as part of RMI’s efforts to enhance the image of the manufacturing industry.

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Several companies in the 4-State promote wellness in the workplace

Written by Nina Kapur |
Companies across the four-state find that it’s important to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness in the workplace. It’s important that you can provide a good workplace like this, this could be either offering them plenty of stationary (from companies like, a good office chair, and a nice working environment. Of course, encouraging employees to be active during the day leads to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction.
Hub Labels – a label printing company based in Hagerstown – took home silver this year by winning the Wellness in the Workplace Award at the Annual Maryland Workplace Health and Wellness Symposium.

“Wellness, to me, is more than just exercise and fitness,” Thomas Dahbura, the president of Hub Labels said. “It’s also your spiritual wellness and how happy you feel about who you are. So, some of the cool things we do are outreach programs in the community.”

Hub Labels volunteers at local elementary schools and other locations around the community. There’s an entire committee of employees dedicated to workplace wellness initiatives. Initiatives include volunteer work, exercise classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and even healthy cooking classes. “They [employees] have to make the choice to change their lifestyle,” Pam Kunkle, the HR Specialist and Head of the Wellness Committee said. “We provide everything that we can for them to be able to do that.”

Ten years ago, the office gym opened. It went from a small room to a complete workout space. Employees said this changes their attitudes and motivation. “We work a lot,” Carrie Aaron, the HR Manager said, “To provide an outlet to employees to release some positive energy definitely helps the morale of our employees,” Kunkle said. Moving forward, she would like to see more healthy cooking classes and healthy vending machines pop up around the office. Going online to CocuSocial can help people find cooking classes in their area so they can hop on that healthy eating train. Hub Labels have looked into other wellness initiatives that have been recommended to them, such as allowing the use of CBD oil and medicinal marijuana to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace. An example of one of the articles they were recommended to look at can be found here:

Additionally, it has been suggested to them that some office decorations wouldn’t go amiss. It’s believed that having some plants inside an office can actually benefit employees by boosting their moods and increasing their productivity. Perhaps this office should consider purchasing plants, or finding a company that offers indoor plant hire for offices. That way, they wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing plants themselves. This could make a big difference to the wellness of some employees, so it could be worth looking into. A happy office is often a more productive office!

View the video about the companies recognized for their employee wellness efforts!