Why Linerless Labels?

linerless-labelHub Labels is pleased to offer Ravenwood Linerless Labels, a labeling approach that eliminates the separate silicone release liner found on pressure sensitive labels. Linerless Labels eliminate  waste while delivering consistency on-shelf. Primary Linerless markets include meat, fish and poultry categories. Secondary markets include fresh produce, convenience and desserts.

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Sleeving or full-wrap applications are effective at reducing the typical material weight of traditional sleeves while speeding up efficiencies. Popular for many years in the UK and Europe with over 12 billion+ applied annually, Ravenwood Linerless Labels and Sleeves bring high-end packaging solutions to the table with a variety of application styles, including:
Linerless labels provide all the benefits of self-adhesive labeling with improved efficiencies, volume applications and environmental advantages through their non-utilization of carrier backing paper.
Available in silicone coated paper, board or synthetic materials, standard Linerless labels deliver a semi-adhesive label format which partially adheres to pack through a series of technically placed glue strips. Labels faces are then supplied without carrier backing paper. Reel weight is therefore significantly reduced by up to 40%, meaning less weight waste, storage and reel changeovers.
As an extended pack format, Linerless also serves to deliver consistency on-shelf as well as increased surface area print to better service information and legislative requirements.

  • Zero backing paper waste
  • 40% less reel weight compared to self-adhesive labels
  • More labels on a reel
  • Fully automated application speeds of up to 180 packs per minute
  • Fewer reel changes, less downtime
  • Consistency of format on-shelf
  • Increased surface print area
  • Tamper evident

For more information, contact our linerless team linerless@hublabels.com.